Harlee + Riley

Harlee and Riley are one of the sweetest couples I've had the honor of shooting. They were visiting Naples when Riley reached out to me and told me he was planning on proposing to his girlfriend and needed some help. Riley told Harlee that some friends of theirs had set up a shoot to do friendship photos, little did she know this shoot was all about the two of them. 

Rachel + David

Rachel and David were just the sweetest couple ever! The moment I met them I could feel how in love they were. They were so in tune to each other. They fell into every pose so naturally and constantly had smiles on their faces. This shoot was full of smiles, love, and laughter and here are just a few of my favorites. 

Mother Daughter Duo

Lisa reached out to me about a month before Valentine's Day. It was a request I had never really had before, photos with her and her 90 year old mother along with their adorable family of puppies. When I showed up at Lisa's I immediately knew I was going to love her! She had the biggest smile on her face at all times and just the happiest of energies! When she introduced me to her mother I was shocked! There was no way she was 90! She was just the sweetest lady. These photos meant so much to the both of them and I am blessed to have been able to capture these for them.